How to Clean Your ConNectar Coil?

How to clean your ConNectar Coil

Now that you have your ConNectar here are some best practices on how to keep your device clean.

1. For a quick clean you can pulse the battery by holding the button down for a few seconds on and off while you blow through the ConNectar straw to burn off any leftover residue. Do not hold the battery for long periods of time, pulse it.
2. If you aren't in a rush to clean the coil you can also soak your ConNectar coil in isopropyl alcohol. Put some ISO into a small container and put the coil in overnight. After a night soaking, take it out and let the coil dry for 5-10 minutes. Once dry put the coil back onto the battery and pulse it to get any remaining residue off. *DO NOT SOAK YOUR BATTERY IN ALCOHOL*
A clean coil means clean hits. Enjoy!

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