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RiO Makeover

RiO Makeover

How to Remove/ Clean Your Glass (View)

To remove the glass grab the base of the RiO by placing your less dominant hand under the base and your dominant hand over top of the glass. Make sure the neck of the glass is facing away from you so that the opened end of the mouthpiece is not facing you. Firmly grasp the glass and wiggle the glass side to side while pulling in an upwards motion. *DO NOT PULL IT FROM THE NECK*.

For a quick and easy clean of your RiO glass we suggest using isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt. Make sure you empty your glass of all water prior to cleaning. You want to then pour isopropyl into the glass piece about ¼-½ way full. Once the ISO is in the glass pour a small amount of coarse salt into the piece (roughly a teaspoon-tablespoon amount). Once the salt is in the glass insert your silicone plugs or use your fingers to cover the holes. Hold the glass and shake until clean. After cleaning, wash the solution away with hot water. 

Another way to clean your glass is to soak the whole piece into isopropyl alcohol and let it sit in the solution for 4-24 hours. You will then pour out the alcohol until about ¼ -½ of the solution is left. Place your plug into the piece and shake clean. Afterward wash with hot water.

 How to remove/ fill your torch (View)

FILLING YOUR TORCH : fill for 3-5 seconds no need for anymore . 

 When removing the torch from the base you want to take off the silicone plug covering the back of the torch. Grab the cold torch from black plastic covering located below the nozzle. Do not remove the torch from base when hot/ after immediate use. Place your thumb above the ignition and turn the torch back and forth while pulling forward.

When filling your RiO torch you need to remove the silicone plug covering the fill port on the back of the base. Some models do not have this plug and you can already see the fill port. We recommend to take the torch out of the base whenever you want to fill it.

Make sure your torch valve is closed so no gas escapes when filling. Hold your torch at waist to chest level with one hand and angle the fill port so that it faces you. With the other hand insert the tip of your butane canister into the fill port. Make sure you keep the tip facing directly to the floor so that the solution inside can makes its way into the torch. Hold for 4-6 seconds to fill an empty torch. *NEVER TRY TO REFILL A FULL TORCH*

*DO NOT HOLD THE TORCH SIDEWAYS WHILE FILLING*. This can result in pressurized air entering the can, preventing the solution from inside of the butane canister to fill the torch properly.

Best Practices

NEVER GRAB THE RIO FROM THE NECK. Welds and joints are the weak points on all glass, that is why we advise never pushing, pulling, grabbing, or moving the RiO by the neck.

After you are done using your RiO, always place it back in the carrying case clean. Use cotton swabs to wipe your banger, place the plugs back into the glass with or without water, and place the carb cap and tool back into their suggested spots. This keeps your RiO clean and ready for any situation.

Do not store in cold or hot places such as direct sunlight or in your car.

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How to clean your ConNectar coil (View)

For a quick clean you can pulse the battery by holding the button down for a few seconds on and off. While pulsing, make sure to you blow through the ConNectar straw to burn off any leftover residue. Do not hold the battery for long periods of time, pulse it.

If you aren't in a rush to clean the coil you can also soak your ConNectar coil in isopropyl alcohol. Put some ISO into a small container and put the coil in overnight. After a night soaking, take it out and let the coil dry for 5-10 minutes. Once dry put the coil back onto the battery and pulse it to get any remaining residue off. *DO NOT SOAK YOUR BATTERY IN ALCOHOL*

Best Practices

Always start by pre-heating before your first session. For most 510 threaded batteries you just need to click the button on your battery twice.

The ConNectar works best on the medium to higher temperature setting on your battery. While it will work on the low temp setting, it may not provide the desired results.

When it comes to oils and concentrates waxy, buddery, and crumbly consistencies tend to give the best results. Most solid or rocky consistencies tend to give undesired results.

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How to contact clean your battery

For a good clean you want to put some isopropyl alcohol onto a cotton swab and gently wipe the 510 ports and surfaces clean of residue. Allow for alcohol to air dry before using with any attachment or cartridge. *DO NOT SOAK YOUR BATTERY IN ALCOHOL*

Best Practices

You will want to avoid using a tablet, phone, or fast charging cords or power blocks. These different charging methods provide too much power for the battery and may end up frying it in the long run.

 When charging your battery, use either a common block charger, or a laptop charger. Anything equal to 1 AMP or under is suggested for the best charge for your battery

 The USB charger should always be plugged in first, then you will want to plug in the battery. The light may change color at this point, which means that you’ve successfully obtained a connection.

 Charge your battery until full and always turn it off after using it to save battery life. Just like your phone, do not wait for your battery to die before charging. This will help with the longevity of your battery.

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 Battery Warranty


How to Clean Your Quartz (View)

After every use you will want to use a cotton swab with a small amount of isopropyl alcohol to absorb anything remaining in your banger. Put the swab into the quartz and swirl in a circular motion. Then using the other side of the swab without any ISO repeat the same process. You may need to repeat this process several times until the quartz is clean.

For over night cleaning soak your quartz in isopropyl alcohol overnight. Once you removed from the solution, clean the quartz with a cotton swab. Allow quartz to air dry for 10-15 minutes and before use heat slightly with the torch to make sure all alcohol has evaporated. 

Best Practices

Quartz been used to do both hot and cold starts. For a cold start put the product you are using into the quartz prior to heating. Place the carb cap on top of the banger and then turn your torch on for heating. The idea is to bring the heat up to a temperature where the product begins to bubble up. This typically takes less than 10 seconds. Heating times may vary depending on the style of quartz you are using. For hot starts you will want to preheat your quartz till it has reached a temperature that it can melt your product. Then place carb cap on top and inhale. Make sure to clean your quartz after each use.

Never overheat your quartz. Overheating will place stress on your quartz and will most likely cloud the clarity of the quartz.

 For better results always have your carb cap ready. The carb will help trap heat and provide directional flow for the quartz.

 Never leave your quartz in the RiO glass after using it. Always place it back into the carrying case. This will reduce the chance of residue sticking the quartz.

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Quartz Warranty


Best Practices

*Never leave your E-Nail on in an unsupervised or alone*

For better tasting results use lower temperature to really target flavor. *For Quartz Not Titanium*

Low Temp Est. 550℉-625℉

Med Temp Est. 625℉-680℉

High Temp Est. 680℉-750℉

The amount of product you put into your quartz will also affect the function of the temperature you set your E-Nail at. Larger amounts of product will require a higher temperature than smaller amounts. Keep that in mind when determining what temperature to set your E-Nail at. It is generally personal preference when determining your E-Nail temperature.

The Coil will last thousands of hours with proper use. Try to stay within the recommended temperature ranges to get the most use out of your coil.

Do not heat above 1100℉

Do not apply water to coil to cool it or clean it

Do not bend, twist, or stress the cord

Do not Wash your electronics

Always clean your quartz after use, just like you would a regular piece, swab the quartz with isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swab.

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