How to Grind Without a Grinder

How to Grind Without a Grinder

Need to Break Down Your Weed But Missing a Grinder?

It’s not a situation that’s uncommon for regular smokers. You grab your flower and some papers (or your favorite piece) and you don’t have a grinder! Maybe you forgot it, maybe someone lost it, but there’s no need to panic. There are several ways to grind up your herb, even if you don’t have a standard grinder. The best part is most of them should be available to do in your own home!

Take a look at some of the methods below, and pick the one that suits you best!


The pill bottle and dime method is a rather simple method that requires two items that you should be able to find around the house. A dime, or rather, any coin that will fit into a pill bottle, and said pill bottle.
Bottle and Dime
It’s a good idea to use a coin and pill bottle that are clean to not affect the herb. You’ll simply drop the coin and the herb into the bottle, close the lid, and shake. It can take some time, and typically a smaller coin is better so that it has more space to move around and break up the herb.


Using a coffee grinder can be a decent substitute as it is still technically a grinder. However, you should be careful to make sure the grinder is clean and that the settings are not set to pulverize your herb into something that could be difficult to smoke or roll-up.

And of course, be aware of what’s leftover in the coffee grinder as you may add some to your morning coffee if not cleaned properly.


Now, there’s nothing complicated about this one. If you can’t grind, then cut! Simply find a cutting board (or somewhere safe to use a knife) and cut away at the herb with knife. Using a sharper blade will make this process easier, but be sure to exercise caution when using a sharp knife on something that can be dense and sticky the more you cut.


If you like having a drink every once in a while, you may have a shot glass lying around the house. If so, you can pair it with some scissors for another great grinding method.

Place the weed into the shot glass and repeatedly cut it using scissors. The shot glass should be the perfect size to keep the herb

in place to make the process more efficient than a standard cup.


If you have a cheese grater available, well you can probably guess the rest.

Make sure that the grater is clean as you don’t want to smoke any literal cheese. Find a plate or bowl to collect the shaved cannabis, and be careful not to cut your fingers when grating the green!

Your cheese grater may get sticky so make sure to clean it up when you are finished grinding.

Using the same cleaning practices found in our guide on "How to Clean Your Grinder" will work wonders.


The easiest and maybe most obvious solution when you don’t have a grinder, use your hands! You may end up with sticky fingers, but you can easily handle the breakdown process and there’s nothing sharp or dangerous involved.

To help the breakdown process and to prevent some of the stickiness, you can place the herb in a fridge or freezer for several minutes to help solidify some of the stickier compounds found in and on your weed.


The Stache Grynder is still the best option for breaking down your weed!

Dry Herb Grinder

The Grynder features micro rounded teeth that make grinding your flower effortless and prevent flower from caking up inside. No grinding, milling, or shredding; The Grynder finesses your flower into perfection. The micro teeth, added to the large flower chamber and Neodymium Magnets allows you to place "full sized herbs" in the Grynder delivering softer fluffier herbs. The silky smooth threading offers ease of assembly/disassembly. The top lid of the Grynder unscrews to reveal a secret storage chamber for excess material. Everything you need to effortlessly grind your flower. Get the perfect grind, every time!

Metal Dry Herb Grinder

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