How to keep your SLIM Battery lasting long

How to keep your SLIM Battery lasting long

To reduce the chances of damaging your battery, you will want to follow the right instructions when charging it. 

To start you will want to avoid using a tablet, phone, or fast charging cords or power blocks. These different charging methods provide too much power for the battery and may end up frying it in the long run.

For charging your battery, use either a common block charger, or a laptop charger. Anything equal to 1 AMP or under is suggested for the best charge for your battery.

The USB charger should always be plugged in first ,then you will want to plug in the battery. The light may change color at this point, which means that you’ve successfully obtained a connection. 

Charge your battery until full and always turn off after using to save battery life. Just like your phone, do not wait for your battery to die before charging. This will also help with the longevity of your battery.

A charged battery is a happy dabber. Enjoy! 

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