The Skruit or SLIM battery?

The Skruit or SLIM battery

When deciding between our batteries there are a few things to think about.

Our Skruit is a compact 650mAh battery with two 510 adapter ports to allow any 510 compatible device to fit on it. 

Our S L I M battery is a pen style 400mAh battery, similar in shape to most slim batteries on the market.

Both batteries have a double tap feature for preheating as well as 3 voltage settings from low-high. They both come in our four different colors Red, Blue, Black and White.

They are both remarkable batteries! If your goal is a slightly more compact battery with a slightly longer battery life the Skruit is for you. If you are more interested in the pen-style sleek, simple, and slim battery then the S L I M  is more likely your style.

No matter which you choose they are both compatible with cartridges as well as our ConNectar that turns your button battery into a Nectar Collector.

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  • Susan Penn

    How do I clean out the chamber that I breathe through. So it doesn’t clog up as often. By the way I really enjoy my slim dab pen

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