The Stache Grynder

Stache Grynder
Patent: US11690480 // CN202223551155.3
The Stache Grynder is the best grinder available for preserving the quality of your weed, and we can prove it!

Grinder Testing

Check out the data from our test with Orange Photonics that provides evidence that the Stache Grynder breaks down buds without stripping away the beneficial compounds that you are looking for in your herb.


"...I was blown away! No resistance at all… the herb was beautifully fluffy...I’m using it as my #1." - Chris, Canada 2023
 "The Grynder is the best Grinder in the market by far! I've had mine for a few months & the amount of flower I've put through it would gunk up any other grinder. But because of the design of the teeth, the Grynder never gunks up & what little flower is left over, cleans off easily! Love the Grynder!!" - Tim Eisenhart, US 2023
"Stache products are so consistent with the quality of their awesome products. I love my 4 piece green Grynder! The top is so unique and can act as an ash tray or a mini tray for your flower. These Grynders never gunk up which makes it my go-to. Highly recommend!"
- Lainie Ruth, US 2023

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